Paper Paychecks (Non- Automatic Deposit)

Many of you received Kathy Brown's announcement informing us of the decision to consolidate the Office of Human Resources (OHR) operations into one physical space in the West Bank Office Building. As part of this move, the bi-weekly paycheck pickup will happen at WBOB instead of Donhowe on each pay date beginning on October 17, 2012. Effective with this change, CLA units on both the east bank and the west bank will be expected to pick up their bundles of "paper" pay checks (i.e non-automatic deposit) directly from WBOB. Units are encouraged to use this opportunity to strongly encourage those receiving paper checks to sign up for direct deposit. Many have already done so as we have been told there has been an uptick in sign-ups resulting from this decision to consolidate operations in WBOB. Employees can visit Employee Self Service to make this election.

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