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New Online Training Course: Completing the Vendor Authorization Form

The following is a message sent by Disbursement Services within the Controller's Office:

Disbursement Services has partnered with Training Services to create an online training course to explain and instruct users how to complete the Vendor Authorization Form. Many of the vendor forms received in Disbursement Services are incomplete or incorrect. This causes a delay in processing the vendor requests, which could delay placing critical orders and payments to a vendor. This course is highly recommended for anyone in a position where their responsibilities require them to complete the Vendor Authorization Form. 


This notification has been sent to all Requisition Preparers, Voucher Specialists and Cluster Directors. Please share this information with others that may benefit from this training course.


Link to course:



Thank You.

I-9 Processing Reminders (for Non-Foreign Nationals)

With spring semester appointments starting January 10th, it is time to send out a reminder regarding Form I-9 processing. Completing Section 1 prior to their first day provides new staff with the list of acceptable documentation for them to bring when meeting with their service team.  E-Verify will now enable you to select a future hire date up to 365 calendar days after the current date. In other words, Part II can now be completed in advance of the first three days of their employment. The latest this can be done stays unchanged. It must be done by the third day of employment. It is also important that Part II not be completed until the employee has actually been hired and we have received an accepted offer letter. This is because the I-9 Employment Verification process cannot be used to "pre-screen" candidates.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Administrators are responsible to ensure that every new hire has completed their I-9 Form before the third day of the start of their appointment.
  • After three days, administrators must notify their financial service team to suspend or terminate all new hires who have not completed their I-9.
  • Your Financial Service Team is available to assist in this endeavor.
  • Department administrators are responsible for ensuring that all new employees (i.e. faculty, instructional staff, graduate assistants, student workers) complete Section 1 of the I-9 (online) prior to the start of their appointment and making sure they complete Section 2 before the third day of the start of their appointment.
If you have any questions, please contact your senior accountant or your HR representative.

ESUP Update

As a follow-up to Andy Hill's 12/19 presentation for CLA on the Enterprise System Upgrade Project (ESUP), we're intending to provide links to the weekly updates that the project office is preparing.  Our intention is that this will help keep us all informed about this important University initiative. 


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