Talle Family Scholarship Program

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Talle Family Scholarship Program, the first college-wide scholarships for undergraduate students. Talle Family scholarships are distinctive in their focus on inspiring, rewarding, and supporting academic excellence among CLA undergraduates. The 10 scholarships will be awarded to students who show exceptional achievement in their major fields. The scholarships will cover the full cost of a year's tuition and fees for students in their senior year.  Each CLA department may nominate up to two rising seniors for a scholarship. Honoring the donor's request, one scholarship is reserved for a French major and one for a history major.

The deadline to submit a brief nomination form is Friday, February 15, 2013. Complete nomination materials are due by Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Barbara Schwab in Undergraduate Programs (schwa133@umn.edu) will be the key contact person as we move forward on this new initiative.  Find below a copy of the Talle Family Scholarship Program guidelines and nomination form for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Talle Family_Scholarship_Guidelines.pdf

2012-13 Talle Family Scholarship Nomination Form.docx

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