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Deadline Approaching for Centrally Funded Security Project Proposals

The deadline for 2013 centrally funded security project proposals to Department of Central Security is Friday, March 1. 

Proposals from CLA units need approval by Associate Dean for Planning, Gary Oehlert, before submitting to DCS.

Please contact Scott Elton (elton003@umn.edu; 6-0950) in CLA Planning Office before Wednesday, February 20, if you are planning to submit a proposal.

See Department of Central Security's website for quick link to "DCS Infrastructure Improvement Program Application."

CLA HR and Finance Working Groups

The CLA HR and Finance Working Groups, with facilitation from Terri Devich in the Office of Organizational Effectiveness, completed their charge and submitted their recommendations to the College in November and December of 2012. These papers were discussed at last month's CLA NOW meeting but are also included as links below.

Please contact Lisa Bachman or Brent Gustafson if you have any comments or questions.

Finance Workgroup Report-1.pdf

HR Workgroup Report-1.pdf

ESUP Update

Here's this week's update from the Enterprise System Upgrade Program office:


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