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AFSCME Clerical Negotiations

The Office of Human Resources is looking for interested individuals to participate in the AFSCME Clerical Negotiations this year. The negotiations would begin late May, early June. The end date is not known, but is usually by November 2013. The negotiations last year started at 5:00 p.m. and were held during the week, 1-2 days a week about every other week. We try to negotiate on the Minneapolis campus, but may end up in mediation which is often held in St. Paul.

Please contact Sheri Stone at ston0047@umn.edu if you are interested in participating or have any questions.

ESUP Update

Here is this week's update from the Enterprise System Upgrade Program office:


Intersections Update

Intersections is now available to make your summer hires for Grads, Undergrads and P&A hires.  The summer comp plan has been uploaded for all units and the summer wizard has been updated with the new 2013 rates. Since the P&A module is still relatively new we encourage you to work with it and let us know of any problems that might occur.


Please contact intersections-hiring@lists.umn.edu if you need access to the Intersections system or have questions about the system.

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