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CS/LR Annual Reviews

CS/LR (civil service and labor represented) annual reviews are due to the college by June 14, 2013. All review materials must be submitted electronically as PDF files on the CLA projects drive with a paper copy sent to central Human Resources (200 Donhowe; delivery code 3122).

If you have any questions about the project drive, please contact Angie Plambeck (; 5-1805). 

Further information can be found at:

Please share this information with supervisors of CS/BU employees as necessary.

CLA NOW Meeting Presentations

Attached, please find the two PowerPoint presentations from last week's CLA NOW meeting.

The first is Sharon Dzik's presentation on the Behavioral Consult Team and the second attachment is Sarah Kussow's presentation on classroom scheduling.

New CLA P-Card Guidelines

Effective for FY14 (July 1, 2013), CLA will follow the attached set of guidelines to improve our collective management of procurement cards across the college. We've appreciated the feedback from across the units as we developed and refined these guidelines, and we think this set of practices will improve our efficiency on p-card transactions in the new fiscal year.

ESUP Update

Here is this week's update from the Enterprise System Upgrade Program office:

CLA Finance Workgroup Recommendations

Two recommendations were proposed by the Payroll subcommittee of the Finance Workgroup. Fiscal Administration will begin implementing these recommendations immediately (effective 5/9/13):

HRMS Documents

HRMS documents will no longer be routed to the units for Administrator signatures. This will speed up the workflow and eliminate the frustrating time delays caused by routing documents "back and forth".
This process more closely mirrors the current workflow for Intersections documents which do not circle back to the units for review and sign off.

New Hire Notifications

Notifications will be sent via email to the Administrators after the appointments have been entered for:

  • Non-student appointments with the action reason of HIRE-EXT (i.e. new external hire)
  • When creating a PeopleSoft ID (PSID) for J1 Visiting Scholars and J2 Dependents
Your Voucher and Payroll Specialist (EAS) from the service team will send an email with the following subject line:

Appointment Entered for First Name, Last Name, ID#
There will be no message in the body of the email, only in the subject line.

Announcement Regarding Assistant to the Chief of Staff

The following is a message from Jennifer Cieslak, Chief of Staff:

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Hana Boston as Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the CLA Dean's Office. Hana starts on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

In this role, Hana will provide support to the dean and chief of staff; work across the administration to coordinate collegiate programs, initiatives and projects; manage and provide oversight for the Dean's Office daily operations; and facilitate communication to and from the Dean's Office.

Hana brings strong experience in liberal arts settings, as well as experience providing broad administrative capacity to the offices of academic leaders. Her professional experience includes serving as Executive Assistant to the President of Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Project and Publicity Manager at the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute at Smith College and Administrative Coordinator for the Office of the Dean of Harvard College.

Hana holds a B.A. in Women's Studies with a concentration in English from Barnard College, and a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Hana will have an office in 212 Johnston Hall; her office phone is 612-624-8187 and her email is

I am most grateful to the search committee for their assistance in filling this position: Scott Elton (chair), Peggy Berkowitz, Brent Gustafson, Cynthia Scott from the Office of the President, and Vivian Ramirez (staff to the committee).

Please join me in welcoming Hana Boston to the College of Liberal Arts.


Jennifer Cieslak

Announcement Regarding CLA Associate Deans

The following is a message from Dean Parente:

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you that Associate Dean Gary Oehlert and Associate Dean Jennifer Windsor have both agreed to continue serving as associate deans in CLA through June 2015. Jennifer and Gary have provided strong, thoughtful and effective leadership for the college during their current terms of appointment, and I am delighted that they will continue to provide steady and strong leadership for collegiate planning and undergraduate education during the upcoming dean transition.

Please join me in thanking Gary and Jennifer for their continued service as associate deans.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Parente

The CLA Service Desk in 110 Anderson Hall is discontinuing walk-in support effective end of day Friday, May 17.

What's Staying the Same

  • Continue to contact the CLA Service Desk by phone at 4-HELP or by email at


Contact CLA-OIT at 4-help or

You spoke and Associate CIO Brad Cohen listened. Here are the IT priorities voiced at the CLA NOW Special Session last Thursday:

  • Local it support for research
  • Admin access to pcs for users
  • Support for Innovation
  • Contextually sensitive support (rationalized allocation to respond to inequalities in local resource allocation)
  • Computer purchasing, application licensing, other desktop support that is responsive to unique needs (e.g., language labs)
  • Wireless--more dependable, more broadly available
  • Collaboration, communication and coordination across units (esp. to facilitate common solutions to shared problems, e.g., grad student tracking, book purchasing)
  • Make innovation more visible across units as it addresses common problems
  • Data management that is sensitive to perspectives and unique ad hoc reporting needs (institutional vs. collegiate vs. department...)--see School of Public Health tool
  • Better usability generally
  • People play many roles on campus, make systems that let them flow easily through those roles
  • Institutional nimbleness, sensitivity to local nuance even in implementation of commodity services
  • Consistency of response and service level (end the dread of who will answer the phone!)
  • Unearth best practices and drive them through institution more effectively, Scale more quickly
  • Benchmark against peers to see how IT funding is managed as a strategic part of faculty/grant recruiting (GIS example)
  • Research IT has to be strong--grant scoring depends on it
  • Better and more visible tech support services for faculty
  • Process improvement in service delivery
  • Responsive IT
  • E-learning support to rapidly expand course offerings to meet enrollment demand
  • Improve business model for e-learning, appropriate incentives
  • Get rid of phone and voicemail

Unable to attend? Have more to add? Take a moment to fill out the IT Input Survey or view the slides Brad shared.

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