New "Fiscal Pain Points" Committee

As a response to the recommendation of the Finance Working Group to create a standing committee to examine financial processes within CLA, the college is creating a new CLA Financial Business Process Improvement Committee (aka "Fiscal Pain Points Committee").  The committee will be charged with regularly examining the processes and practices of the college related to financial transactions with an overall goal of improvement, particularly as it relates to efficiency, quality, and transparency.  

Recommendations from the committee will go to the CFO, who will coordinate any necessary consultation and approvals among collegiate leadership.  The primary focus of the committee's work will be on practices and business processes of the college that affect multiple units and have the potential to be addressed within the college.

Any faculty, staff, or student within CLA may suggest topics for the committee, and these can be sent to, with "Pain Points topic" in the subject line.  Alternatively, anonymous topics can be sent via campus mail to CLA Fiscal at 208 Johnston Hall.  The chair of the committee will keep a regularly updated document with suggested topics and the status of such topics.  The committee, in consultation with the CFO, will prioritize its work on suggested topics.  

Committee membership includes:

·         Scott Appelwick, CLA Fiscal Admin (chair)

·         Stacy Bonn, CLA Fiscal Admin

·         Angela Brandt, GWSS

·         Mary Beth Kluesner, SLHS

·         Barbara London, IGS

·         Rebecca Menken, SOM

·         Cheryl Oulicky, CLA Fiscal Admin

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