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West Bank Electrical Outages

Facilities Management will be conducting high voltage preventative maintenance on the West Bank July 15-19 which will require overnight electrical outages in Willey Hall, Skyway, Mondale, Andersen Library, Heller Hall, Blegen, Social Sciences, Anderson Hall, Humphrey, Parking Lots C84, C86 and C89. Each day the electrical outage will be from 12:01 AM to 6:00 AM. 

Please plan accordingly and contact: Ruthann Manlet, FM Team Manager, at 
(612) 624-8226 or (612) 685-8822 or LeRoy Engele, FM Team Manager at (612) 624-7503 or (612) 363-6261 with questions. Contact Derk Renwick (renwick@umn.edu; 4-5233), who is helping the CLA Planning Office this summer, if you need assistance.

Organizational Charts

CLA HR would like to collect the most current org charts from units and departments.  This will allow us to efficiently process job postings or job classification requests. We ask that you send your most updated org charts to clahr@umn.edu no later than August 1, 2013.  Thank you!

New Position Number Requests

here is a new "Position Number Requests" template on the CLA HR Intranet that includes all of the necessary information for most expedient processing.  If there is a data field (e.g. term, type, etc.) that you are uncertain about, you may leave it blank, but we ask for your help in completing as much of the information as possible before requesting new position numbers.

Please refer to this template and send all new position number requests to 

Note: For new requisitions (job postings), CLA HR will automatically generate a new position # and a separate request is not needed.  You may continue to enter "123456" in the position # field on new requisitions.

ESUP Update

Here is this week's Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program update:

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