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CLA NOW meetings 13/14 Academic Year

CLA NOW meeting dates have been set up beginning in August and going through June 2014. The meetings are all on the CLA NOW Google calendar and are also listed below. As of today, only the August meeting has a room location; all other room locations will be determined soon.

Also, as a friendly reminder when coming and going from the Willey Hall seminar room, please be aware that we are in the MPC space and contain any conversations to the seminar room or the hallway after leaving the MPC space. MPC has a quiet workspace, so any disruptions to the quiet are quite noticeable to the staff working in the spaces near the seminar room.

Upcoming CLA NOW meeting dates:
August 8 (MPC Seminar Room - 71 Willey)
September 12
October 3
November 7
December 5
January 16
February 13
March 13
April 10
May 8
June 5

P/A Positions Compensation Review

Effective July 1, 2013, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) Compensation unit began reviewing all new or reclassified positions within the P&A employee group. Contact clahr@umn.edu with any questions.

Further information is found below and was taken from an e-mail sent from Vice President Kathy Brown:

"This includes all administrative and professional P&A positions (93xx, 96xx, and 97xx), but does not include senior leaders, graduate assistants, and post docs. Please be assured that we will make every effort to complete these reviews in a prompt fashion.

This is part of the overall effort that the University is undertaking with regard to more effective
management of our human capital. A review of new or reclassified employees is consistent with and necessary to the successful completion of the job classification system redesign. As an institution, we have an interest in ensuring consistency and accuracy of classification for all positions, as well as the  correct Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemption status and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) reporting codes. Appropriate classification is fundamental to all other human resource functions, as well as to institutional needs around reporting and data integrity."

Background Checks

Please see the attached Background Checks and Verifications Administrative Policy - Summer 2013 for new information regarding background checks. This new policy takes effect August 1, 2013. Here is the policy overview:

Policy Overview

 The safety and security of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors is a top priority for the
University of Minnesota; as a result, we are implementing a new background check and
verification policy and process that will ensure more consistency system-wide.

 As of Aug. 1, background checks are required for all hires, all internal transfers and
reassignments, and anyone (including temporary/casual employees or volunteers)
interacting with or overseeing minors in program activities or recreational or residential

 The University has also contracted with a new vendor, General Information Services, Inc.
(GIS), and is using a simpler, less expensive online process for background checks.

Please contact clahr@umn.edu with any questions.

CLA Instructional Funding Guidelines

The CLA Instructional Funding Guidelines have been updated to reflect the new CLA overload teaching rate of $1,650 per credit. The new rate is effective fall 2013. Information about instructional funding,including the CLA Instructional Funding Guidelines and the CLA Replacement Teaching Funding Guidelines, can be found on the CLA Fiscal website under the Instructional funding section at: http://cla.umn.edu/intranet/fiscal/funding.php

ESUP update

Here is this week's ESUP Update:

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