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Temporary Collegiate Liaison

One of Dean Duvall's priorities during his tenure as interim dean is to increase communication and collaboration between the college and department administration. He will be meeting more frequently with the college's executive committee and engaging chairs to work with one another and with the college administration to move CLA forward collectively.

It is in this regard that he has asked Katie Louis, the assistant to the chair of Political Science, to serve in a temporary position as collegiate liaison to department administrators. Katie will be working on behalf of the Dean's Office to help integrate the knowledge and concerns of unit administrators into college decisions and operations, while at the same time keeping them better informed about college processes and actions. Katie will be dedicating half of her time to this new role and will report to the dean's chief of staff.

West Bank Emergency Training Exercise

The University will host an emergency training exercise on the West Bank beginning 9:00 AM on
August 14, 2013. The exercise will be held at the Regis Center for Art, and you should expect to see extra law enforcement and emergency responders from multiple agencies, hear the emergency notification system, and experience some street and parking closures. We repeat, this is an exercise and not an actual emergency. However, this is a good reminder that units should review their own plans for dealing with fire, severe weather, and other emergencies.

ESUP update

Here is this week's ESUP Update:

The agenda for this Friday's ESUP Student Records Town Hall is now posted
at: Please feel free to pass this along to anybody you believe would be interested. This would be an excellent opportunity to bring somebody previously unfamiliar with ESUP Student Records work as this meeting will be an overview of the processes the team has worked on that have been approved to date.

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