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Travel Guidance

Borrowing heavily from our colleagues at CSE, we've developed a two-page guidance for traveling on University business (CLA TRAVEL AID.pdf).  The purpose of this document is to have a summary version of the various University policies that are applicable to those traveling and subsequently seeking reimbursement for travel-related expenses.  We hope this is a helpful resource.  Please note that in cases of ambiguity or uncertainty, specific University policies still supersede anything in this summary.

"Changes to ECAS Procedures" Presentation

Click the link below to download the "Changes to ECAS Procedures" PowerPoint that was presented at last Thursday's CLA NOW meeting. Please download a copy and save it for departmental record. The presentation is full of helpful links that can be directly accessed by right-clicking on the embedded urls and selecting "Open Hyperlink."
Please contact Clare Beer ( if you have any questions.

ESUP Update

Appointments for Foreign National I-9 Processing with Payroll Services

The following is a message from Heather Kidd, Payroll Services Director:

Thanks to you all for your support during the busy beginning of the fall semester as we have been working to assist new foreign national employees complete their employment verification paperwork.  
I'd like to remind you that as of Monday, September 9th we have returned to taking appointments for foreign national employees needing to complete their I-9 and tax treaty paperwork.  Please direct foreign national employees in your departments to make an appointment  to complete their I-9 and tax treaty paperwork.  They can do so by calling the OHR Call Center at 612-624-8647 (4-UOHR) or 1-800-756-2363.  
While we won't turn away walk-ins, it helps us greatly to be able to anticipate the volume of new foreign national employees we'll be helping on any given day by being able to plan around a schedule of pre-arranged appointments.  Thanks for your help.
Heather Kidd
Payroll Services Director
University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources
545 West Bank Office Building
1300 South 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN  55454

Reminder to Review MOAs for Funds in DMS

The Foundation has now scanned all MOAs (Memorandum of Agreement) into DMS. We have found cases where there are differences between the Fund Purpose statement in DMS and the MOA. However, the MOA must be the ultimate deciding factor about how to spend funds. This is a reminder to review your MOAs in the event that use of funds may have strayed from original (or recently updated) donor intent. 
If you wish to update the fund statement purpose to more closely match the MOA, please contact Natalie Ysker ( at the Foundation and provide her with the fund number/s and she will expand the purpose based on the MOA.
If you have any questions, please contact Rose Pederson (r-kerb@umn.edu612-626-7611)

CLA Web Migration Update

Representatives from Palantir, the company that will be building the Drupal platform for the University, were in town on September 5 to meet with stakeholders. Members of CLA's Media and PR team attended the meeting and we shared some big ideas and some very detailed needs. We are very excited to work with Palantir and we feel that our collegiate needs will be met.

We'll be watching closely to see how proposed timelines for the Drupal installation and migration launch hold up. Meanwhile, in your units, there are a few things you can continue to do:

  1. Maintain your content! Whether via Contribute or UThink blog feed, someone in your department should have access to keep your website fresh and timely.
  2. Review what's already there. Remove content ROT (Redundant, Outdated, or Trivial). Fix broken links. If you see a problem that you can't get to with your access, send a request to
  3. Do you have course content on your site? If so, please be in touch with Celina Byers from CLA-OIT's Technology-Enhanced Learning team ( or 612-626-3896) to talk about where this content should live.
We will continue to keep you posted about developments and progress as we have them.
Thank you!

CLA Open Forum

On Tuesday, Interim Dean Bud Duvall delivered the annual CLA State of the College address, which he is using as a basis of an open and extended conversation about his proposed 2013-2014 agenda.
  • Please advise the people in your units that they will receive both a summary and full text of the speech early Monday.
  • Please urge them to read it and invite them to share with the dean their comments and questions at an open forum (next Monday, September 23, at the In-Flux Auditorium at the Regis Center for Art, noon to 1:30) or by email (subject line: State of the College).

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