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I-9 Verification During Government Shutdown

The following is a message from Heather Kidd, Payroll Services Director:

As many of you have noticed, the eVerify system is currently not available due to the federal government shutdown. We've received a number of questions in Payroll concerning the I-9 verification process that I would like to address.  

  • We must continue to complete I-9 verification before a new employee's third day of employment according to federal law.  
  • Though eVerify is not available, TALX / I-9 Express remains active.  You can continue to have new employees complete their I-9 online through TALX / I-9 Express. You can also continue to verify that you have reviewed their documentation in TALX / I-9 Express.  
  • You will not receive verification that the new employee's information has been processed through eVerify. Even though eVerify will not have processed the I-9 data, the employee will still have a complete I-9 form and will not be negatively affected--it's the timely I-9 completion that is essential.  
  • Remember that you can also revert to using a paper I-9 form should you have any problems with the TALX / I-9 Express system.  

Please call the OHR Contact Center at 4-UOHR (612-624-8647)  with any additional questions you may have.



Heather Kidd
Payroll Services Director
University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources
545 West Bank Office Building
1300 South 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN  55454


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