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Fiscal Process Improvement Committee (FPIC) Update

The charge to the Fiscal Process Improvement Committee (FPIC) is "To regularly examine the financial processes and practices within CLA with the overall goal of improvement." With that charge in mind, the FPIC has compiled a list of approximately 42 process improvement opportunities drawn primarily from the reports submitted last November 2012 from the CLA Finance Payroll Subcommittee and the CLA Financial Transaction Subcommittee.  Some items have been added since those reports were submitted and six items have been completed. The items are classified into five broad categories: Process; Tools/Intersections; Training; Communication; and Research/Assessment. The committee has also begun to prioritize the list. 

At next week's Cluster Meetings, the list will be reviewed and discussed by unit administrators. Following those meetings, the list will be distributed more broadly. We encourage your input to this process.  If you have any suggestions or items to add to the list, please email clafiscl@umn.edu with Fiscal Process Improvement Topic in the subject line. Alternatively, anonymous topics can be sent via campus mail to CLA Fiscal at 208 Johnston Hall.

ESUP Update

Here is this week's ESUP Update:

Also, find below a link to a video in which Santiago Fernández-Giménez, Assistant Program Director for Communications, Change Management, & Training, gives a high-level overview of the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP):
ESUP Video: ESUP Overview

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