CLA NOW Follow-up Discussion Regarding End-User Support

At the October 3 CLA NOW meeting Jamey presented a preliminary suite of End-User Support Services recommended to OIT by the task force. CLA-OIT has scheduled a follow-up discussion with the department administrators who are interested in continuing the conversation: Guillermo de Paz, John McEwen, Barbara London, Stephanie Treat, Glen Powell, Teri Wallace and Kara Kersteter. If you are interested in participating - and we missed you when we were gathering names or you didn't raise your hand but wished you had because now you DO want to participate - please let us know! A meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, October 23 at 9:30 a.m. in 130 Anderson. Contact Deb Ludowese (ludow006 or 5-9418) to be added to the meeting invite.

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