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Recently Updated Form: CLA HRMS Entry Worksheet

This form has recently been improved based on user feedback.  Most of the changes are minor, but should improve the usability of the form.

Please contact Rana Murphy if there are any questions about this, 5-3236.

Absence Card Clarification

In the event of an absence or leave, supervisors may submit absence cards on behalf of an employee who is unavailable to turn in an absence card.  The supervisor is accountable for an employee's productive/non-productive time.  When an employee is unable to complete an absence card, the supervisor can and should do it for them.  Simply write "Unable to sign" in the employee signature section.  

Because cards are filed and retained as per the University's retention policy, an absence card is needed.  It is important that slips are completed and sent to the service team in a timely manner to prevent any possible overpayments. 

It is not appropriate for service team members to complete the card on behalf of unit employees for many reasons including the following:
  1. No division of responsibility (i.e. one person doing it all)
  2. The service team is not responsible for unit employee's time and cannot verify productive / non-productive hours

ESUP Update

Spring Appointments - Payroll Office Reminder

The deadline for spring appointments to be received in the CLA payroll office is 12/20/13.  This is the date that your appointment will be guaranteed to be entered in time. Every effort will be made to enter appointments received after this deadline but there can be no guarantees.
Keep in mind that your service team needs time to get appointment documents prepared, so please coordinate this work with your service team. If you have your spring appointments ready, please do not wait to send them to your team. We have been entering spring documents for several weeks now. Please submit offers and payroll information to your team as soon as offers have been confirmed and avoid waiting until the last minute if at all possible.

UMN Office of Information Technology Annual Maintenance Window

UMN Annual Data Center Maintenance Outage

When: Friday, January 3, 2013, 10 p.m. to Sunday, January 5, 2014, 6 p.m.
Services Affected (avoid these during the window)

All CLA-operated servers, including
  • CLA websites
  • CLA databases
  • Research servers
  • Terminal servers
  • All University-operated servers (for instance; Active Directory file storage - Home, Shared, and Project folders in

Services Not Affected (common services that are often asked about)

  • Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Sites)
  • URL shortener

Specific Details

The University data center at the West Bank Office Building will be powered down from 6 a.m. Saturday, January 4th, until 12 p.m. (noon) Sunday, January 5th, for annual maintenance. A complete list of affected services is found on the OIT System Outage and Maintenance Status page. Updates will be available on the University's system status page, and on social media outlets Twitter @UMN_IT and the University of Minnesota Information Technology Facebook page during the service interruption period.

CLA system administrators will shut down CLA systems before power is cut, beginning at 10 p.m. on Friday, January 3rd. All affected services are expected to be restored by 6 p.m. on Sunday, January 5th.

CLA system engineers will also take advantage of this outage by carrying out routine maintenance tasks including security patching and equipment upgrades.


What is a "maintenance window"?
In order to correct a technical issue, install a security patch, or upgrade server hardware, central OIT or CLA-OIT must occasionally disrupt normal networked services. Whenever possible, we plan such service outages in advance during times that minimize the disruption to our students, staff, and faculty.

Can I work during a maintenance window?
In general, CLA-OIT recommends that you avoid using the affected services during the maintenance window. Systems may be available during the maintenance window, but they can and will be shut down without warning and may be unavailable for hours at a time. Please use only at your own risk.

Can this be done without disrupting service?
Certain tasks require server reboots and/or physically unplugging electricity. We do our best to group these tasks together to minimize the number of outages we schedule each year--which is generally less than five.

Can you reschedule this window to a more convenient time?
As determined by consensus of the UMN IT community representing each college and administrative unit's technology needs, the first full weekend in January following the New Year holiday has been established as the regular maintenance shutdown weekend each year. The work is being planned through coordinated efforts with the UMN Information Technology Change Approval Board

How do I find out more?
If you have any questions or concerns contact us at 612-624-4357 or
CLA-OIT System Maintenance Windows Calendar

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