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Taxability of Gift Certificates

A reminder to units that any cash-equivalent gift certificate awarded is taxable to the recipient employee.  If units have awarded gift certificates, they will need to submit this information to Payroll Services.  Please follow the instructions on the Gift Card/Certificate Reporting Form (Excel) to submit taxable amounts to Payroll Services.

Please see the University policy on Employee Recognition Awards (pdf) if there are questions.

Intersections Reminder - Review Full-Year Appointments

This message is a friendly reminder for those units who opted to appoint grad students in Intersections for the full year.  Please make sure to utilize the reports in Intersections-Hiring to make a mid-year check to insure that your grad hires are correct for spring semester. 
  • Go to:  intersections.umn.edu
  • Click on "Hire a Grad" 
  • Select the reports option under "hiring home"
  • Select a report from the drop down menu.  A helpful report is the "Grad Job Offers with Position Details and Account Strings"
  • Select an academic term (or a report start and end date)
  • Click on "Generate Report"
Please note that changes and appointments outside of intersections (paper documents) will not be reflected in this report.  If you have made amendments to job offers, you'll want to also run the report "Job Offer Amendments."
If you are hiring new graduate student employees for spring term who do not have historical appointment information in HRMS, you will need to submit an HRIF (Human Resources Information Form) to your service team.  This is because new appointments in HRMS need the following three addresses input into HRMS:  home address, campus mail address and campus office address.

When submitting these forms to payroll for new employees, please make sure that you fill out the form completely.

Spring Appointment and Class Lists

CLA Payroll staff have been working diligently to enter spring appointments for returning instructors and assistants by the first day of classes to ensure that these employees will be able to access their class rosters. In the case that units need to submit late appointments, we want to make you are aware of an alternative way to access these class rosters.
  • Go to: www.umreports.umn.edu
  • Type "class list" in search reports field
  • Select either "Class List" or "Class List by Subject - PDF Format"
  • Follow the prompts to arrive at the course for which you need a roster
Administrators and support staff in units should be able to access these lists.
Please submit spring appointments and payroll information to your team as soon as offers have been confirmed and avoid waiting until the last minute if at all possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Position Management Clean-Up

As the end of the Analyze and Design phase of the HRMS upgrade Project nears, data clean-up, including position management, is a top priority.  CLA HR and Fiscal have been working with units to clean-up position management data including the "reports-to" field and unpooling of positions that no longer meet the requirements for remaining pooled.  Please contact your HR Consultant or clahr@umn.edu with any questions.

Please be aware that we are creating additional pools to meet the new pooling requirements.  We are trying to label the positions so that you will be able to correctly select the appropriate pool when making your job offers in Intersections.  It is important that our appointments meet the new position and pooling requirements going forward. 

Position titles will start to reflect FTE and reports to where appropriate.  
For example, your unit may go from having one "Teaching Assistant" pool to a couple of pools such as "25% Teaching Assistant, 50% Teaching Assistant, 75% Teaching Assistant".  You may also begin to see "reports to" information in the Position title as well where appropriate.  For example "Research Assistant" may be retitled as "25% Research Assistant - Professor XYZ".

SCHOLARSHIP ADMINISTRATORS: Spring Scholarship Entry Deadline is Tomorrow

This is a reminder that all spring scholarship batches must be entered by Thursday, January 9th to ensure that students' financial aid packages are complete and will be disbursed correctly when spring financial aid disbursement begins on January 13th, 2014. Batches entered late often result in cancellation of other financial aid, and have the potential to negatively affect students.

Note: The system is not yet ready to enter scholarship batches for Fall 2014.  We will let you know the timeline for FY15 entries in a future CLA NOW. 

Please see the Academic Support Resources "Scholarship Administrators" page for important scholarship dates and additional scholarship information at:https://asr.umn.edu/training/scholarship_administrators

If you have any scholarship processing questions please contact the Office of Student Finance at saosf@umn.edu.

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