Position Unpooling Updates

We have submitted our updates to central to meeting the new pooling requirements for positions.  Central is working through those changes and we are verifying and correcting data as necessary.

Please be aware that we have created additional pools to meet the new pooling requirements.  We have attempted to label the positions so that you will be able to correctly select the appropriate pool when making your job offers in Intersections. 

Position titles will start to reflect FTE and reports to where appropriate.  
For example, your unit may go from having one "Teaching Assistant" pool to a couple of pools such as "25% Teaching Assistant, 50% Teaching Assistant, 75% Teaching Assistant".  You may also begin to see "reports to" information in the Position title as well where appropriate.  For example "Research Assistant" may be retitled as "25% Research Assistant - Professor XYZ".

It is important that our appointments meet the new position and pooling requirements going forward. Please make every effort to select an accurate position number.

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