Staff Appraisal Committee

The performance review is a fundamental tool in communicating performance feedback, yet our most recent tally shows that only 48% of 2012-2013 academic year reviews were completed for CLA staff college-wide.  We must make improvements to prepare for President Kaler's charge that all Civil Service employees be evaluated under a merit based salary system with the next 2014/2015 academic year.

To those ends, we have formed the CLA Staff Appraisal Committee with representatives from a variety of academic and administrative units throughout the college. Our charge is to create a new review format that will work for merit pay for all staff positions. The new format will be required for civil service and labor represented staff and optional for P&A staff who might instead be evaluated through a faculty-like process. We are completing the assessment phase of our work and to date have vetted a number of review format options from both within and outside the U of M. We are now moving into the development/design phase of our work in creating and/or recommending a new college-wide staff performance review format. The committee members agree that we will pursue an on-line format. 

Between now and February, our committee is reaching out to a variety of interested parties within the college. The groups include you, the Admin Forum, COC, CEDD, the P&A Board, the U's CS Consultative Committee, and AFSCME. We also welcome broader input and will share more as we have a draft format.

Many thanks from the CLA Staff Appraisal Committee!

Lisa Bachman (CLA HR), Cassandra Cockburn (CLA Fiscal), Margaret LaFleur (Writing Studies), Kate Gallagher (CSCL&CNES), Ann MIller (Sociology), Angie Plambeck (CLA HR), Millie Reid (TAD) Andrew Sell (CLA IT), Orbe Stricherz (Psychology), Terri Wallace (Writing Center)

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