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Service outage on Sunday, March 16, during the regular 6 a.m.-noon maintenance window.

What: Service outage for services you may use (see services below)
When: Sunday, March 16, from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.
Why: Upgrade to technology supporting the services listed

Services affected:

Active Directory
Central email and Gophermail (NOT University Gmail)
Personal web space
UThink blogs

IMPORTANT NOTE:University Gmail will NOT be affected by this outage

Updates will be available on the University's System Status site ( ServiceNow users can also find information and updates in CHG0035298.

P-Card Training and ESUP

As most of you have heard by now PCard processing will be moving to the Expense module in EFS.
  • PCard Reconcilers who do not currently have Travel and Expense Preparer access will need to gain access before the ESUP go-live date. 
  • If you plan to reassign PCard reconciliation work after the upgrade to people who currently hold Travel and Expense access, this is a good time to get those people trained in the PCard reconciliation process so they have a base of understanding from which to work at go-live.
  • Classes covering the current Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement entry material should be taken now by those who have not completed them.
  • Separate online courses that cover the changes to the system will be available closer to ESUP go-live. Everyone who will be preparing/reconciling PCards or Travel and Expense transactions will have to complete this training.
Those who will need the additional training may take the appropriate training anytime between now and ESUP go-live.  Follow the current process for registering for training classes and receiving access as you do today.  If you have any specific questions about training please contact Training Services at   

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