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FY2015 Fringe Rate Changes

The University of Minnesota is implementing a change in fringe rates that affects FY2015 that will decrease the current 87 different possible fringe rates to only six possible rates.  As a result of this substantial simplification effort, the FY2015 fringe rate changes will be broader in scope than the modest adjustments that normally occur between fiscal years. The rates and manner in which they are applied will take effect with the first FY15 pay period (6/16/14).

It is important to keep in mind that the University has long utilized a "pooled" approach to fringe costs, so at times there is not an apparent direct connection between an individual employee's fringe benefits and the fringe cost charged to their position.  Fringe costs are pooled at a University-wide level in order to fund the benefits for eligible employees.

Generally speaking, fringe costs on academic (faculty and P&A) appointments will be higher, while civil service, labor represented, trade, graduate appointments, and undergraduates will be lower.  You can find the set of rates here.

We will continue the standard collegiate practice of adjusting budget allocations to reflect annual compensation and fringe rate changes for any positions or payroll funded by the college (printed budget lines, TA/UI allocations, soft funded positions/payroll).  Your accountant can help answer specific questions you may have, but here are some examples to think about where the fringe rate considerations will be different than the past:
  • Full-time vs. part-time employees
  • Summer salary
  • Z-term instructional appointments
  • Sponsored project budgets
This spreadsheet should help you familiarize yourself with the new fringe rates in the context of the types of appointments in your department.  The first column lists the job codes with which you're familiar, and there is a column listing the new fringe group.

Fiscal Updates

ESUP update
Here is this weeks ESUP update:

Spending Plans for FY15 Scholarship and Fellowship Awards

This is a reminder to inform your Accountant on the financial service team about any FY15 scholarship and fellowship spending plans.  They will enter the spending plans in STAR (Scholarship Tracking and Reporting) in DMS.  For questions about access or using STAR, contact Rose Pederson, Fiscal Administration,

Reminder to Review MOAs

This is a reminder to review the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for your donated funds to verify that you are spending funds per donor intent.  The "purpose" section on the fund statements in DMS is simply a summary of fund use and might not include specific details contained in the MOA that must be followed.

U Wide Contracts - Process Change As of April 1, 2014

Purchasing Services has developed an alternative method for gathering U Wide Contract spend information.  This means that starting April 1, 2014, requisition preparers should leave the U Wide Contract number field blank on new requisitions entered into EFS.

This new monitoring method means people do no have to take the additional steps of entering the contract number, reducing the amount of time it takes to process orders and eliminating problems that occur when contracts expire in the system.

Intersections Email Notifications for Departments - Reminder

As an appointment moves through the various hiring stages in Intersections, you can be alerted via email notifications.  An overview of the process and well as information on how to configure the setup can be found here.

P-Card Training and ESUP

As most of you have heard by now PCard processing will be moving to the Expense module in EFS.
  • PCard Reconcilers who do not currently have Travel and Expense Preparer access will need to gain access before the ESUP go-live date. 
  • If you plan to reassign PCard reconciliation work after the upgrade to people who currently hold Travel and Expense access, this is a good time to get those people trained in the PCard reconciliation process so they have a base of understanding from which to work at go-live.
  • Classes covering the current Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement entry material should be taken now by those who have not completed them.
  • Separate online courses that cover the changes to the system will be available closer to ESUP go-live. Everyone who will be preparing/reconciling PCards or Travel and Expense transactions will have to complete this training.
Those who will need the additional training may take the appropriate training anytime between now and ESUP go-live.  Follow the current process for registering for training classes and receiving access as you do today.  If you have any specific questions about training please contact Training Services at   

Intersections Email Notifications for Departments - Reminder

As an appointment moves through the various hiring stages in Intersections, you can be alerted via email notifications.  An overview of the process and well as information on how to configure the setup can be found here.

Reminder of Use of University Funds

We want to remind everyone that University policy prescribes that expenses for social events such as birthdays and holiday parties are not allowable on any type of funding by the University (including donated funds).

ESUP Update

Here is the latest ESUP update:

Of significance, the ESUP Executive Oversight Committee has identified February 2015 as the updated "go live" date for the project:

Here is a handout of a set of slides that was presented at a meeting of University RRC managers regarding the ESUP project.  This is a helpful document that gives a high level summary of the project across the student, HR, and EFS "work streams."

ESUP Update


The Office of Student Finance reminds us that the scholarship entry deadline for new freshman awards is March 7 at 1:00 p.m.  This is to ensure that all awards are included in a student's estimated financial aid package which is sent soon after that date.  If awards are entered later it creates confusion for the students as their prior award package usually needs to be adjusted for additional awards.

See the Office of Student Finance website for information about the scholarship process or timeline:  (

Addendum: Announcements from ISSS H1-B staff

Below is a message from the ISSS Office:

We are pleased to announce that we will be able to offer these sessions via 
UMConnect! This will allow administrators from coordinate campuses to attend virtually. If you have already registered and would like to attend via UMConnect instead, please reply to me and I will update your response. We will send instructions for accessing the presentation next week to those who have indicated they will be attending via UMConnect. We also hope to have the recorded content available after the session for those who missed it.

We have received many questions about the content of the sessions. The H-1B and J-1 sessions will include the same information that was presented on the Twin Cities campus in October 2013. The other three sessions include new material that has not recently been presented.

If you have any questions, please contact Molly Hoffman (; 5-2936) of the ISSS office.

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