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The Upgrade Go-Live Date Postponed

The ESUP Upgrade Go Live date will not happen in mid-February as previously anticipated, but instead will occur later in the spring.  The project leadership is focused on the implementation being a success, and recent system testing has resulted in a decision to delay the implementation. 

The project team anticipates setting and announcing a new Go Live date by the end of the month.

Spring Appointments - Payroll Office Reminder

The deadline for spring appointments (both paper and Intersections) to be received by your service teams is 12/19/14.  This is the date that your appointment will be guaranteed to be entered in time. Every effort will be made to enter appointments received after this deadline but there can be no guarantees.  

If you have your spring appointments ready, please do not wait to send them to your team. We have begun entering spring documents. Please submit offers and payroll information to your team as soon as offers have been confirmed and avoid waiting until the last minute if at all possible.

Taxibility of University Employee Recognition Awards

A reminder to units that gifts awarded to employees may be taxable.  This information will need to be submitted to Payroll Services.  Please follow the instructions on the Gift Card/Certificate Reporting Form (Excel) to submit taxable amounts to Payroll Services.

Please see the University policy on 
Employee Recognition Awards (pdf) if there are questions.

Intersections Module P&A Changes Update

Changes to the P&A Module of Intersections are now live!  Thanks for your patience while we've been working on these modifications in preparation for your Spring hires.  

We've made the following changes to the P&A Module and added helper language where appropriate:
  • The position picker has been opened up to select 9753 and 9754 job codes with Z and B term positions.  Please make sure you are selecting a pooled position number with the appropriate standard hours for your hire.  If you have any question on this, please refer to your Position report in UM reports.   If you do not find a position number that matches the attributes of your hire, please contact to set up an appropriate position number.
  • Employee Class has been opened up to allow all options.  For the P&A instructional module, "1-Acad Prof and Admin" is the correct choice.
  • Appointment Term field has been opened up to include B Term.
  • Hours per week is now a free text field.  FTE will be calculated from the value you put into this field.
  • The Intersections generated offer letter has been modified to remove "Term" language, add % of appointment, and remove Non-benefits eligible language. 
  • EAX has been added to the earnings code menu to the Accountants screen.  The majority of single semester 9753 and 9754 CLA hires will use this earnings code.
Other information to note:
  • Existing Spring P&A Appointments in Intersections that are not yet entered will be returned by service teams so that position numbers and appointment details can be modified.
  • If your Spring appointment has already been entered, we will modify the job & position data of the appointment outside of Intersections in consultation with units.  We will make these changes in December and January.
  • The offer letter draws the job title from the Position Title in position management.  If you would like the job title on the letter changed, please type a new title in the "Working Title" field on your offer.  This field will override the title that pulls from position management. 
Please contact Rana if there are any questions (5-3236 /

PCard Training and ESUP

As most of you have heard by now PCard processing will be moving to the Expense module in EFS.
  • PCard Reconcilers who do not currently have Travel and Expense Preparer access will need to gain access before the ESUP go-live date. 
  • If you plan to reassign PCard reconciliation work after the upgrade to people who currently hold Travel and Expense access, this is a good time to get those people trained in the PCard reconciliation process so they have a base of understanding from which to work at go-live.
  • Classes covering the current Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement entry material should be taken now by those who have not completed them.
Those who will need the additional training may take the appropriate training anytime between now and ESUP go-live.  Follow the current process for registering for training classes and receiving access as you do today.  If you have any specific questions about training please contact Training Services at

CLA position managers are working on the following cleanup activities for units

  • Undergrad job codes
Vacant undergrad positions that did not convert to a new undergrad job code will be mapped and corrected.  If an existing former job code has dual mapping, you may be contacted so that we can correctly map these positions.
  • Position Titles
Lecturer and Teaching Specialist positions with "Z Term", "B Term" or Reports to in the position title will be modified to "Lecturer" or "Teaching Specialist".  
Undergrad and Grad Student positions with a percentage or Reports to in the position title will be modified to the existing title without the percentage or reports to name.  For Example, "25% Research Assistant - Name" will be retitled as "Research Assistant".  
These titles will flow through to the campus directory after The Upgrade.  If you do not want these titles changed, please send a message to  We will begin making title changes next week.

Scholarship Tracking and Reporting (STAR)

University leadership, as well as the University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF), is reviewing the management and utilization of scholarship funds in collegiate units.  As part of this effort, spending plan data in the STAR (Scholarship Tracking and Reporting) system will be reviewed and shared with deans in the coming weeks.  
Your accountant will be contacting unit administrators, if they have not already done so, to ensure that accurate and complete spending plan information is entered into STAR no later than Friday, November 7. 

Here's part of the message we received from the Office of Student Finance regarding what will be communicated to the dean:

To be sure these reports are as accurate and up-to-date as possible when they are sent to your deans and chancellors,  please review your Scholarship Management Performance reports in DMS/Scholarship Management at to be sure that:

* All funds have a spending plan, even if the plan is to spend zero.

* Any students who are in a renewable scholarship, but did not meet the conditions of renewal, are no longer receiving the scholarship

* Any old or unused item types are marked appropriately so they are not displayed.

Remember, updates in STAR are batch processed overnight.

Please contact Rose Pederson in CLA Fiscal Admin with questions.

Message from Lori Mein Concerning HRMS Conversion and Future Dated Rows

As part of our appointment data conversion for the ESUP project, we will not be converting future dated rows with the exception of Terminations and Suspends.  At this time, there are many future dated rows that will need to be removed from our current PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 system prior to the cut-over time in February, 2015.

Listed below is our plan to address these future dated rows:
  • Extract the future dated rows from the current 8.9 system and put them in spreadsheets that will be can be sent to colleges for future reference and possible entry.  The date of this extraction will be Tuesday, 10/21/14.
  • Inactivate certain action/reason codes on a date near the cut-over time frame.  This means that if an action/reason code is inactivated as of 2/9/15, you will not be able to enter that action/reason code in our current PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 system with an effective date of 2/9/15 or later.  Please note that when the cut-over is completed and we come up again in the PeopleSoft HRMS 9.2 system, these action/reason codes will be active and ready for your use.
Here is a spreadsheet that shows the effective date that each action/reason code will be inactivated.  These action/reason codes will not be available to use in our current PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 system as of that inactivation date.

Important Changes Coming to Employee Time Sheets & Absence Reports

One of the biggest changes in the University's Human Resources Management System Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 is that employees who currently report their time and absences on paper will instead do so electronically when the system goes live in February.  The change will affect almost everyone who works at the University.

To introduce the change from paper to electronic reporting, the University's Office of Human Resources has completed three new sneak peek videos:

*Electronic Absence Reporting (helpful for all employees).

*Electronic Time Reporting (helpful for hourly employees and student workers).

*Approving Electronic Time and Absence Reporting (helpful for faculty and staff who supervise/manage employees).

Closer to the Upgrade Go Live date in February, University employees will be offered training and other how-to resources to help make the change to electronic reporting.
These are significant changes for both employees and anyone who supervises employees.  For those who don't make the shift to electronic versions, this will have the potential to disrupt the timeliness of employee pay as well as leave requests, so it is in everyone's interest to begin to familiarize yourself with and plan for these changes.

Purchases with

You probably have read about the recent decision by to begin collecting sales tax on taxable sales shipped to Minnesota customers. Most purchases made by the University are exempt from sales tax, so either provide an ST3 form, Minnesota Certificate of Exemption, for each purchase or buy from a source that makes it easier to recognize our sales tax exemption.
U Market is the preferred source for office supplies, lab supplies, audio visual equipment, and facility related supplies. For those occasions when U Market or University wide contracts are not available, Amazon may fill that need.
File an ST3
If using, each University purchaser needs to complete the ST3 with the seller's name and address and submit it electronically to The University's ST3 should not be associated with a personal account. Amazon Prime accounts are not reimbursable and should not be opened for/on behalf of the University. The ST3 can be found here

Payment method
The University's exempt status only applies when the U is paying directly for the purchase, so payment must be made with a University PCard.
Preferred purchasing methods

Commonly purchased goods like lab supplies, office supplies, toner, and computers are all available through U Market at reduced prices, and in many cases with free shipping. University Wide Contracts are available for many other types of purchases. 

Feel free to contact the University of Minnesota Tax Management Office with any questions about the University's tax status. Contact or 612-624-1053
Purchasing Services can assist with finding suppliers with the best overall price and terms for goods and services. Purchasing can be reached at 612-624-2828 or

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