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Faculty Summer Research Support

Faculty summer research support drawn from non-sponsored funds (i.e., unit, college, and University sources) is subject to funding availability and discretionary approval of the unit chair/director and the associate dean for faculty of the college. Requests for faculty summer research must be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty at least one month prior to the start of the pay period desired for the summer support, using the form available on the CLA Faculty Summer Research Support web page. The web page and request form have been updated to reflect changes in fringe rates for summer 2014. Please note the fringe rates in effect for summer 2014:
  • 05/26/2014 to 06/15/2014 (FY14) - 6.63%
  • 06/16/2014 to 08/24//2014 (FY15) - 33.9%

Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty Project Specialist

Derk Renwick has joined the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty on a half-time basis as a project specialist. In this temporary position, Derk will provide critical project support for key faculty administrative processes, including promotion & tenure, faculty research awards, and faculty salary equity review. In addition to his project specialist position in the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, Derk is a graduate instructor in the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, where he is working on a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. 

International Student and Scholar Services

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services will be closed on June 6th, 7th, 10th, and 11th, while the main ISSS Office in 190 Humphrey is undergoing construction. On Thursday, June 6th, there will be no services available.  On June 7th, 10th and 11th, we will have limited scholar services located in 230 Heller Hall (Learning Abroad Center main office). These limited services will be: 

·         Document pick-up or drop-off, 

·         time-sensitive Scholar Check-Ins in the mornings

§  "time-sensitive": if the scholar is approaching the end of their 30-day grace period to report their arrival to ISSS and cannot wait to complete Check-In the following week when regular ISSS services resume.

·         H-1B and Permanent Residency cases 

Please go to the temporary ISSS Reception area in 230 Heller Hall on these days.

The rest of ISSS will reopen on Wednesday, June 12th. All regular services will resume at this time. Our temporary reception area during construction will continue to be in 230 Heller Hall until the construction has been completed.  In late July, we will transition back to 190 Humphrey School. If you have advising needs, please plan around these dates.


Request for Promotion and Tenure Information

Please identify all probationary faculty members expected to be considered for promotion and tenure during academic year 2013/14, as well as any tenured faculty members who may be considered for promotion to professor, and e-mail the list of your anticipated cases to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, at

International Student and Scholar Services

J-1 Scholar Administrative Fee as part of initial scholar applications and continuing scholar applications has been raised to $295 (previously $285) effective July 1, 2012. If a scholar's application was submitted to ISSS prior to July 1, the old fee will assessed. Applications submitted after July 1 will be assessed the new fee. Forms online will be updated in the coming days.

J Visa Reminders

  • Please submit DS-2019 applications two to four months before you expect the scholar to begin in the department. It takes two to three weeks to process all J-1 and J-2 documents after you submit a complete request form to us. If there is missing information or if issues arise, this process may take longer. After having received the DS-2019, the invited scholar then should have at least a month to apply for his or her visa and make travel arrangements to the U.S. Requests should be submitted to ISSS as hard copies and not as email attachments.
  • If the J-1 cannot arrive and report to ISSS less than 25 days after the DS-2019 start date; the scholar will need a new DS-2019 document with an updated start date. Contact Kathrin Hahn, 612-626-7452 or via email, for an amended document.
  • When scholars and faculty arrive, be sure to have them visit ISSS to complete their mandatory Check-In. This can have serious repercussions for the scholar and their program with you if this does not occur.
  • Travel signatures. Please help remind scholars, if they and/or their J-2 dependents wish to travel outside of the U.S., that they need to have a valid travel signature on their DS-2019 to re-enter the U.S. upon their return. They obtain this signature from an J adviser in ISSS during walk-ins or an appointment.
*Scholars who do not have U of MN health insurance or a wavier of the insurance (issued by the Office of Student Health Benefits) are not eligible for travel signatures and other ISSS services. If they do not have University employment insurance, please have them contact the Office of Student Health Benefits for questions and enrollment.*
  • When scholars and faculty end their program with you, please have them report their final departure date to ISSS. They can do this through email, phone, or a visit during walk-in hours.

Kathrin Hahn, J Visa Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services

Kathrin Hahn, J Visa Coordinator, International Student and Scholar Services
Corrected on Thursday, May 17. Please note the bold text in the second paragraph.

Academic Hiring Authorizations (AHA's) are not required for May or summer 2012 P&A and Faculty instructional teaching appointments. Since CLA HR and Faculty will not be reviewing or approving summer instructional appointments, hiring authorities must ensure that new hires meet all required qualifications outlined in the job requisition. 

In addition, departments need not submit draft offer letters to CLA HR for approval. Offer letters must still be provided to and signed by the employee, but do not need to be routed through CLA HR. The 2012 template letter has been revised and can be found on the CLA HR intranet at:

Summer Research Support for Faculty

The Summer Research Support form  for summer research support drawn from non-sponsored funds provided by the college and/or University has been updated.  Information about the policy, along with the form, can be found at:

Contract Faculty - Annual Reviews and Renewal Letters

Annual Review. Written evaluations of contract faculty performance are required for all contract faculty in residence for any portion of the 2011 reporting period (spring semester 2011 and fall semester 2011). In addition to informing decisions about salary adjustment (when permitted), these evaluations are important for ongoing faculty development.

Renewal Letters. Contract faculty being renewed for 2012/13 must receive a letter of renewal based on the attached template. Renewal letters for 2012/13 should be prepared only after a funding source has been identified for the position and approved by the college. Contract faculty renewal letters are subject to the approval of the college. Please submit renewal letters to the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty, at, along with a statement about the source of funding for the position for FY13.

Download the template. Please refer questions about the contract faculty renewal process to Angie Plambeck or John Blair.

Do you or a colleague have questions about J Visas, J Scholars, or related processes? Sign up for one of two J Visa Information Sessions next month (next month's sessions will take place on the Twin Cities campus, West Bank and East Bank). Sessions will be offered Wednesday, April 11, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m., in 415 Blegen Hall; and Tuesday, April 17, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m., in 125 Burton Hall. If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to browse the following useful links:

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