MCAE Graduation!

Yesterday, I had the honor of sitting among brilliant scholars. Not only have these students completed the tasks necessary to graduate, they have also overcome many obstacles to do so, and that's what made the ceremony so special.

I have a dream... and a post-graduation plan!

This is the point in college I've been dreading: being done and leaving. I've invested the last four years into being a student and I sometimes forget that I need to eventually move on and take off the "student hat." I have a lot to look forward to so I'm going to take a moment to brag.

I'm graduating with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. I've had a wide array of experiences and internships all leading me up to what to do after graduation and I can say that I have a plan! I'm moving to Los Angeles, CA this summer to intern at The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I have always said that my dream job would be to host a talk show and one day I decided that there would be no better experience than to work on one so I started applying. After interviews with 3 different shows on both coasts, I landed The Late Late Show internship and I couldn't be more excited.

I can also say confidently that I owe all of my successes that led up to this to having a liberal arts degree - every job and internship experience I landed was because of Goldpass, emails and announcements from my student community and employers looking for well-rounded students like those of liberal arts backgrounds.
Although I hate to say goodbye to the university as well as the CLA, I have so much to look forward to and don't even know how to thank everyone that helped me get here.


So the days are getting longer, but time is getting shorter. Commencement (aka Graduation) is approaching way too quickly!

Spring Fever!

It's officially wonderful weather again here in the cities and I couldn't be happier. Do you ever notice how much happier everyone looks just being able to walk around campus without a jacket/parka/snow shoes (kidding...kind of)?

Dinner Time!

One thing I love about being on campus is having so many great options for dining. Not only is there University Dining Services, but also many restaurants conveniently located on campus!

Where do I go from here?

I'm going to be an event planner. There is no question about that. I just cannot decide which event planning path I want to explore: nonprofit, corporate or weddings?

One year later...

Lately, I've been very nostalgic about a lot of things, especially about experiences that happened in 2009. I truly believe that some of the issues I encountered, experiences I had and people I met have help me mold my being into what it is presently.

Missing that Steak & Kidney Pie!

I am back from England and getting back into the swing of school. I had a great time. There were many things that were different from the US, one being a delicious dish filled with steak and kidney called Steak and Kidney Pie! As gross as it sounds, it was my absolute favorite thing about England!

Memory Lane

I'm sitting in Coffman Memorial Union doing some people watching while reading and blogging - multitasking at its finest - and it is making me feel sappy and nostalgic.

Roman Holiday! Studying Abroad Minus the Books

So for the past 3 years I have been hearing about the joys and the benefits of studying abroad. Though I was aware of the fact that 1 in 3 students who apply for a scholarship through the Learning Abroad Office receive one and that it would be the experience of a lifetime I was still a little hesitant to go because I always wanted my first abroad trip in college to be with my friends from back home.

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