I don't want to grow up...

Why is it that I can never seem to figure out what I want to be when I grow up? I am twenty-one years old and about to complete my junior year in college and yet I am still relatively clueless as to what I am going to do when I am forced to face the real world. I have had six concrete careers lined up for myself but it seems every month I am inspired by a new career and change my mind all together.

Since at the U of M I have wanted to be a lawyer, a pediatrician, a school social worker, a dentist, a high school teacher, and a psychologist. Just yesterday I attended the School of Dentistry's Open House and I am now considering becoming a dentist again even though I had previously ruled dentistry out!

How can I incorporate my love of dance into a financially secure and stable career? Why is it that expressing myself through movement is when I feel most alive but I shy away from making a career out of that life? Fortunately, I have the opportunity to dabble in the sciences while exploring my love of dance. Hopefully the coming year will lead me to a decision on what to do after graduation whether it be law school, medical school, dental school, or performing.

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