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Where Did My Freshmen Year Go?

CLA has been an adventure. From my first day of classes in the SEAM business course where I met many of the people who I call my closest friends to today, while I am an CLA Ambassador interviewing to be a Peer Mentor for the MLK. I cannot believe that time has gone by sooooo fast!

I remember the first day of school coming from Saint Louis and watching the Step Shows at Convocation like yesterday. Now the same people who I looked up to me now look at me like peers. All the parties, all the study sessions and all the things that made Freshmen year so much fun are coming to an end.

Tonight is the final night of Voices Merging, the Spoken Word organization that introduced me to most of friends. I will be writing a new poem, my last poem before I am a Voices Merging veteran. In two weeks I will be back in Saint Louis. I have no idea what to expect. I just wonder how Saint Louis will be still be home after be at the University of Minnesota for a year.
-Krystal Bradford

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