Almost Done!

So I've turned in one final project, I have my next one due in less than a week, and I have two final exams left. It's hard to think that this semester is almost over... My first three years here have just flown past. I gotta say though, this weather has been making it extremely difficult to focus on doing anything. I try to spend as much time sitting outside on University Avenue.

I'm totally stoked for this summer. No classes, and i just know that the weather is going to be nice every day. Hey, it's a positive attitude, right?? I was thinking of getting an internship this summer, but I decided to work for the University and help out with Orientation. I will be at every Wednesday night Twins game and every Saturday I will be found at Lake Calhoun. I am going to see Rhythm and Booms in Madison for the 4th of July, and I hope to make my way to Chicago for a weekend. I can't forget Summerfest in Milwaukee and my friends have been trying to convince me to go to Wefest this year (I've never been a country music fan, but hey I'll give it a shot). Yep, it's gonna be a great summer.

I have no clue what my future will look like, but hey, I know what classes I'm taking next semester. Unfortunately, I will be taking a class at 8:00. :-( Now that doesn't seem so bad, except that during the first three years of college I never had class that early, and now, in my senior year, I have to get up extremely early! In fact, last semester I didn't even have a single morning class. My first class of the day was at 12:15; that was fantastic. Hopefully this will get me prepared for life in the real world, one in which you have to be awake before noon.

Oh yeah, so I'm a really big fan of dogs, and when I'm at school I never see them. So here's a picture of my dog back home in Madison. Her name is Sassy.

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