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Being An Intern Is Hard...

Somedays being an intern for Clear Channel is great. There are free concerts, celebrities, cd's and movie premieres etc. But then on others day like today, you have to stand outside for 5 hours during a 4 hour shift in 100 degree plus heat, after you just did your hair, while waving a flag screaming "100.3 The Beat" to the top of your lungs. Whoo! I love my internship however with all good things warrant hardwork. I am learning that the very "sweaty" way." Despite the hard work I am learning so much about the music industry and marketing that my Mass Communications class could not fully teach me.

With hardwork comes great reward also. Next week I am going off to the Taste of Chicago fair. Hardwork and all play makes an intern's summer day! The heat is making me a little woozy but Im sure some Chipotle will fix it.

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