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I'm a Big Kid Now... I think

I am 19. I am officially a student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I am a Martin Luther King Program advisor and now I have an internship with Clear Channel Radio a fortune five hundred company! All these things are going on yet I still sleep with the lights on after a scary movie. Very embarassing. Believe me I know! Now I am back in Saint Louis and home just doesn't feel the same anymore. I find myself mentioning the Gophers just as frequently as I mentioned Saint Louis, while I was at U of Minnesota. Life is funny how it works.

This time last year I was at Orientation wondering if I had just dug myself the biggest whole by going to a school 12 hours away where I did not know anyone. Now I am in Saint Louis and I feel naked without my Gopher attire. Lately with all of the responsibility that I have been endowed with, I feel a little overwhelmed, but I guess that is all apart of getting older. But it's not all bad, working in radio does get me a lot o free concert tickets. Beyonce, here I come!


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