Living Like a College Student

This morning I was reading a blog from the Minneapolis Star Tribune where the author tried to feed herself for $3 a day, which is basically the budget people on food stamps must adhere to. It's a really funny post, check it out at the strib's website! Anyway, the author's mission seemed all too familiar. This summer I have an unpaid internship = very little disposable income most of which is provided by my parents.

(Always, check with your parents if you have an unpaid internship and no job, or else you could be in a sticky situation.) Now for the first time I am living in a house and am responsible for stocking my own fridge. In the past few weeks I have quickly earned to become less of a picky eater- my mom will be proud.

Now when I go to the grocery store I look for generic brands and buy one get one free deals. (I bought two angel food cakes on that deal, but I found that I don't eat that much angel food cake- you live and learn). I'm not saying I've been great at saving money (I still am a really bad impulsive buyer) but I have learned to pack my own lunch for work and take advantage of free meals.

My Starbucks addiction is slowly releasing its hold. I can't stand spending $4 for a frappacino more than once a week. In college you will find a few cheap meals that you can live on for a while. For me it's black bean burritos: one can of black beans at about $.97 can last me through three meals, a 6 pack of tortillas at $3 and a little bit of cheese and I've got a few dinners for a little more than a dollar.

When I go grocery shopping I have to avoid the more upscale grocery stores, its amazing how a few more cents on every purchase adds up on your receipts. But the upside of shopping at those stores are the free samples- yesterday I had a couple fresh cherries and cheese and crackers. It was a delicious afternoon snack! They also had corn on sale 6 for $2- a great addition to my dinner burritos- you can find deals everywhere.

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