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Reminders of the U

Summer has been treating me pretty well, and even from home I’ve found that I can stay connected to the University of Minnesota. I have been putting my communications skills to work as an intern for the NU Technology Park. As the communications intern I am in charge of the newsletter, and I have been gaining great experience through my work. I have been having a good time, but even here in Nebraska at my job I’ve run into Minnesota alumni.

College Experience Top 10

Here are my top 10 reccomendations for your college experience from my own.

Summer's Almost Over and I'm Soo Freaking Busy!!!

4 weeks until its time to go home and it seems as if there is no time to get ready. I am very excited about my classes this semester. I am taking Karate to stay in shape and starting a new language; Italian. I love languages like Arabic, Spanish and Swahili and I think Italian will be great addition. I will also be taking my first required classes as a journalism major. However my excitement is over shadowed by my worry.


It’s 3:00 in the morning and I just got off of work. Before I collapse on my bed from exhaustion, I decided to write about a ‘normal’ workday for me. There is a big upside and downside to working for a movie theatre. The bright side is that movie showings tend to not start until noon, so being able to sleep in everyday during the summer has truly been a luxury. However, the downside is the countless late nights I have to work since the movie rush comes for the nighttime showings. Tonight we had the midnight showing of Harry Potter, which completely sold out and was simply chaotic. Dealing with angry customers who ‘thought’ they bought online tickets to the movie (when it was already sold out) was stressful but I appreciate the learning experience this will bring me for future careers.

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