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Summer's Almost Over and I'm Soo Freaking Busy!!!

4 weeks until its time to go home and it seems as if there is no time to get ready. I am very excited about my classes this semester. I am taking Karate to stay in shape and starting a new language; Italian. I love languages like Arabic, Spanish and Swahili and I think Italian will be great addition. I will also be taking my first required classes as a journalism major. However my excitement is over shadowed by my worry.

I have a new apartment and no time to buy necessities like furiniture and dishes and... well... whatever else comes along with having an apartment and I am soo scared that I will end up having textbooks as pillows and be living off of 100 calorie bars (like during finals), but permanently. Four weeks, an internship, a job and no time to do anything. But on the brighter side I can't wait to go back to school and spend time with all of my friends. I miss them like crazy.

p.s. The new Harry Potter comes out tonight at midnight and i am soooo STOKED!!!

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