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I Want The MCAE Kickoff Back NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!

It feels so good to be back at the U. Unfortunately no one else is back yet. I've worked so hard at my internship this summer. So this last week before school starts I just want to go to sleep and spend time with my friends. I have been re-discovering the campus. The silver bridges are gorgeous. The FREE food is remarkable. (Well i guess when you have to buy groceries any free food is remarkable. But that is besides the point.)

However relaxation never lasts long at the U.

I am petitioning the UN-ETHICAL decision of the school board to get rid of the MCAE Kickoff. The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) provides all students with academic and culturally sensitive services that promote student success. The MCAE Kickoff is a day and a half program for incoming multicultural students at the Univ. of Minnesota. The MCAE Kickoff provides multicultural students the opportunity to interact with other multicultural students which is a rarity at the U. The MCAE Kickoff is one of the only programs the that allow multicultural students to make a successful transition to college by buliding a community and identifying academic and cultural supports on campus. Sources say that the decision to take away the MCAE Kiickoff because it coincides with New Student Weekend, another University sposored program for first year students which is considerably more expensive and it promotes segragation. To prevent this the "powers that be" announced a Welcome Weekend that would combine both New Student Weekend and the MCAE Kickioff. This may seem like a great idea but former MCAE students were not alerted of the decision to remove. The MCAE Kickoff would be condensed to a two hour program. The Welcome Week seems to be a bonified Oriientation. And if you know any students of color, you know that Orientation is the one of the worst experiences that we have at the U, because trying to find other students of color to relate in orientation is virtualliy impossible. Therefore many studet groups aswell myself are petitioning for the actual day and a half MCAE Kickoff and not the two hour generic version
It is soo difficult to find diversity at this school. It is really hard to connect with other people who deal with the same things that I deal with on a daily basis and the MCAE Kickoff allowed multi-cultural students like myself to connect and relate without lame activities that all of us as freshmen remember like.. the hunts for University buildings or "Who knows the most about the University" games. It didn't bring me closer to anybody. BUt MCAE did. It was an experience that I won't forget and it is certaintly an injustice that other multi-cultural students won't get afforded the same opportunity that I was blessed with. If you want to help contact me at bradf049@umn.edu.

-Ciao Revolutionaries

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