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Try Something New!

It is so great to be back on campus and settling into the swing of things. Even though I’m a junior now, I still have to transition myself back into college life here at the U. It can take some time after an overwhelming first week of classes and schedules and catching up with friends, not to mention adjusting being away from family again. But, with the start of a new year comes exciting opportunities.

As a rule of thumb, every semester I try to get involved in something new and interesting. I like the change in pace, and trying something new allows me to experience lots more things on campus to see what I like. This semester, as I take more classes for my Public Relations major, I’m excited to get involved in the PRSSA club (Public Relations Student Society of America) on campus. I also want to take advantage of more volunteer opportunities around campus. These experiences help me grow as I continue through college, and I am continually meeting new people around campus.

Long story short--get involved. The campus becomes so much smaller when you take the time to try something new. Nothing says that you have to like it or continue it, but you might just find a group that you really like and click with, and it can be an integral part of your college experience. Even though schedules can be stressful, and the adjustment back to college can be rough, taking some extra time for an activity can be really beneficial in the long-run. Check out the clubs and groups on campus, go with a friend to an event, and look for ads in the Minnesota Daily and in your classes for upcoming opportunities. It’s so much easier to get involved early, so take advantage or it!

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