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It's Only Just Begun

With great initiative comes great responsibility and right now I am covered in it. Since I orchestrated a peaceful protest to get the MCAE Kickoff equal amount of time at Welcome Week to insure that there will still be an organization for incoming multicultural students to meet, I have been bombarded with responsibilities.

I have been scouted as a Program Assistant for Welcome Week, which entails a lot of extra work. I have also become the events coordinator for a public relations group called PRISM and I am organizing events so that they may have exposure that they so desperately need. I think that PRISM is a great group, with a lot of promise.

Meanwhile, I am struggling in BIOLOGY, which I am convinced was created for the sole purpose of making me depressed. I am also taking Italian. Though I am almost fluent in Spanish which means I have become fluent in the made up language of SPITALIAN which my instructor does not speak. In addition to this I have two jobs and school has only been in session for 7 weeks.

I want to have less on my plate but everything seems so important right now and I do not know what I would be willing to give up in order to maintain my sanity. It's really sad that I am looking forward to midterms. God help me! However on the brighter side, I'm still breathing and the fact that too many people are trusting me to do great things cannot be the worst thing in the world.

Right??? Right.

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