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Make a Visit to the U of M College of Liberal Arts

Applying for colleges can be a daunting process, but after you’ve written all the essays, found recommendations, and gotten all your transcripts and resumes together and sent in, the best part is visiting campuses. When I was a senior in high school, I applied at seven institutions.

I wanted to keep my options open. Finally in October, I started visiting campuses out-of-state.

I know everyone always says that “you’ll just know? when you find your campus, and that may or may not be entirely true, however, stepping foot on the campus can give you a better taste of what college there may be like.

I remember coming to visit the University of Minnesota in the fall; just when the leaves were turning maroon and gold, and I thought, even the seasons here have school spirit! The campus felt warm and inviting, and it felt like there were a lot of different opportunities to get involved with.

I got the sense that the U was a friendly school with lots to offer, and I haven’t been disappointed. My classes are interesting and challenging and I still am reminded of our school pride when I look around and see everyone in their Gopher gear!

Being from Nebraska, I knew that I wanted to go out-of-state, but didn’t necessarily know where. As a senior looking through all the brochures and mail and college books, it was hard to see myself at each college without visiting it. I made the trip to visit my top 5 college choices, and it really was a key deciding factor for me in coming to Minnesota.

The College of Liberal Arts reaches out to its students and really does care. I saw that when I learned more about the college on my visit, and I have seen it carry through as I continue in my college career. Making personal connections throughout CLA and the University has enhanced my growth as a student and a person, and reminds me that I made the best choice for myself by choosing CLA!

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