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Winter Break Here I Come!!!!! Whooo!!!

My Biology Final is in two days and though I should be very fearful, all I can think about is going back home to Saint Louis and chilling with my family for a week of chaos and Christmas traditions and then going to San Francisco.

I am going to San Francisco for two-weeks with Y-Immersions and learning about food injustices suffered by the lower class. I am excited to be able to go to Sunny San Francisco for two weeks and not have to wear a coat. Thank God, Allah , Yaweh, Buddah... Whoever is up there, because for three weeks I will be free from Minnesota cold. Unfortunately, right now I am still here.... still cold and still with my friends who warm me up with there smiles everyday. I will miss them sooo much, however not enough to want to stay here an additional 3 weeks. LOL I'm a horrible friend. I guess I'll just have to make it up with Christmas presents.

Happy Holidaze All

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