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Here Comes The Veteran!

Winter Break was awesome. I got to see my family and spend two weeks in San Francisco working with California Health Advocates and the Peoples Grocery to create farms and healthy food in inner city communities where they do not have gorcery stores. It was a blast. I have officially Gone GREEN and enjoyed the SUN. Yeah ME!!! LOL

On to more recent matters. I FEEL like a veteran after two days of school. I am recognizing people in all of my classes. I find myself helping people navigate the most confusing building, which in my opinion were designed to give students headaches ( Vincent Hall!) I am being asked by students about classes and how to get into The School of Journalism and I can help. I am in great classes for my major and I am so excited about being a verteran. However I am not nor will I ever be excited about this cold, cold cold weather.

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