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3/31/2008 Post-Hockey Depression

The Gopher Hockey season was recently ended on Saturday with a 5-2 loss against the Boston College Eagles. Thus has sent me into the all too familiar lull of post-hockey depression. Each year since the Gophers last national title in 2003 I have experienced this, and it has become quite unpleasant.

This season was a rocky one. The loss of two players (one being an All-American) immediately prior to school starting in September (i.e. too late for Coach Lucia to recruit adequately to take their places), along with an early injury to a star forward spelled disaster for this year's team. As if these losses didn't hurt enough, a midseason departure by the Gophers top star sent the team spiraling.

Although many counted the Gophers out and gave up hope, I would like to pat myself on the back for keeping the faith. The Gophs inevitably went on a run to close out the season and power through the WCHA playoffs. Nonetheless, the aforementioned run was ended all too quickly in the first round of the NCAA tournament on Saturday.

Oh well, I suppose. Next year the Gophers have the number 1 rated recruit in the nation coming to play for them as well as having Minnesota's 2008 Mr. Hockey joining the squad. Given the abundant talent that is about to join our forces, I'm extremely confident that this will be my last season, at least until I graduate, of experiencing post-hockey depression.

PS - I just figured out that blogging is an extremely effective way of passing time during work. Excellent. More to come on my work life. Stay tuned!

Peace Love and enjoy the snow,

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