~Mi Casa Es Tu Casa at La Raza~

Having never in my life ‘blogged’ before, I feel it only appropriate to introduce myself. I am an Oak Park, Illinois native, yet was raised in a small town in Wisconsin about fifteen minutes away from the tourist hot-spot Wisconsin Dells. I am a freshman at the University of Minnesota, and I am honestly loving every minute of being here, no lie. While sometimes the whole ‘school’ aspect of what I like to call the ‘college experience’ is, to say the least, stressful, difficult, and time consuming, I could not imagine it any other way.

As I am sitting here on my bed at my house (it’s Spring Break), I recall that I had forgotten how good it felt to be home. While I see my book bag wandering in front of me, overflowing with books I have to read and papers I need to begin, I sit on my bed and think, I’m home. Eventually, however, I know I will go back to the U and be welcomed with a little over a month left of spring semester and then smack, finals! Well, let’s not get so far ahead of ourselves.

I just finished working on a newsletter for La Raza Student Cultural Center, one of the many fine student organizations located on the second floor of Coffman Memorial Union. I have been quite involved with La Raza ever since I arrived at the U. I had always wanted to become involved, but I had always been nervous to go there by myself. In my Journalism 1001 class (Introduction to Mass Communication), though, I met a girl who had frequented La Raza, and she took me there and introduced me to many people, all of who I am quite close with now. You can always find us at La Raza, chatting about the Presidential election, why this Mexican restaurant is better than that one, or what new and exciting activities are taking place. We often go out on weekends, salsa dancing in Dinkytown or to some other dance in the city.

Getting involved with La Raza has been the best things I did when I first got to the U. Providing me an outlet and a means to get to know my culture, La Raza has been an integral part in shaping my identity. Plus, it has given me a ton of things to do, which can be a good or bad thing. You see, I was already a busy girl, volunteering and tutoring in the cities, but being a member of La Raza, well… that means taking on a bit more responsibility. So I was endowed with the task of creating a newsletter, one which I embraced because I used to be the editor of my school newspaper and I love to write, and layout is kind of my forte, but one which made me nervous because everyone would see MY work. Plus, it would look great for me personally, since I have just been accepted into the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC).

Unfortunately, due dates in all of my classes are all getting closer and closer, and I am feeling the stress coming on. I try not to think about it, because I know in the end it all works out. I just need to prioritize more and decide what needs to be done because it’s my duty as a student, and what I can wait to do because it’s an extracurricular, if you will. Of course, I am saying this now, but I know I will try to get everything done so no one is disappointed in me. Oh well, I see it as further motivation.

Plus, it’s like 40 degrees outside. Can you say heat wave? The sun is shining, and regardless of how stressed I feel and the need for me to really start doing my homework, well… it can wait. ☺

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