It's almost been a year....

As I study for my last finals of the second semester of my freshman year these past couple weeks it really makes me wonder. How did this year already go by so quickly? I've been reflecting on how I felt the exact same way my freshman year in high school. We were the babies of the school and definitely felt like it! My parents always told me that "it goes by so quickly." It makes me think of the saying, “you think you know, but you have no idea.� It's laughable how right they were.

Now, here I am. Graduated from high school at a perfect college on a beautiful campus. I couldn't have asked for anything better. In my case, I just knew i wanted to go to the University of Minnesota. Honestly, it was the only school I applied to (which I wouldn't recommend due to the stress factor of waiting for your acceptance letter). Either way, the first time I really came to campus was for orientation. I kind of wish I would have visited earlier if I knew that was an option. You can! I know this because its what we do with students as Student Ambassadors =).

Anyways, I had not only not been to the campus, but I hadn't really been to the city either. I remember driving up on the freeway and seeing the beautiful city skyline in the background. It was bright, sunny, warm, and welcoming. Something about the excessive UMN propaganda, although a little overwhelming, made me feel at home. Every shirt, sign, flag, writing utensil, etc. was stamped with University love!

Of course my mom loved it too, so I thought that, should I decide on a different college, she wouldn’t pay for it unless I went here (this is an insane exaggeration, but you get the point). So here I am, as I see all the “youngsters� in lieu of making this decision, and I just don’t know how it’s even a question in your minds. Happy picking – hope to see you all next year =)

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