Dave's Infallible Theory of How to Choose a College

I can vividly remember sitting in my favorite teacher's office with a few of my friends on May 1, 2006. Most of the students in the office were laughing, eating, studying, or simply listening to the hysterical anecdotes being told by my teacher. I, however, sat trying to relax on the faded blue fabric of his fouton while my mind raced with the question, Depaul or Denver?

Which school I chose is no longer important, and both of them are great schools. I am still unwilling to say that I made the wrong choice, but simply that I could have better informed myself what to expect. Nonetheless, I learned a great deal in my freshman year both academically and personally. In this regard, there is no wrong choice for college. No matter which school you choose, you are going to learn a lot about yourself. This knowledge may allow you to know that you made the right decision and you love where you're at. However, it could also lead you to recognize that you need to go somewhere else in order to be happy.

I was not ready for college, and for anyone out there who is afraid or reluctant to make such a big decision, I was right there with you. In fact, I have yet to find someone who was more reluctant and scared to go to college as I was. Either way, finding the right college can be the necessary key to being happy.

For me, the right college is here at the U of M. Largely diverse intellectually, ethnically, and socially, the U of M has phenomenal network availabilities. Also, I have been a huge gopher sports fan my entire life, and I have never seen school spirit as fierce as it is here. The U is a school that challenges all of its students to be independent and self-reliant. There are numerous resources to help students, but it is up to you to be motivated enough to either do what you need to do, or seek help to get it done. Also, it's important to choose a school where you can be yourself and surround youself with people who are similar to you, but still unique in their own ways.

When it comes down to it, the choice really is all yours. Despite what your parents, friends, siblings, girlfriends (etc.) may think or want, only you can make yourself happy (or sad, for that matter). Have confidence in your choice, and know that whatever choice you make is not the end.

Peace Love and don't let having a bad day ruin your day.

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