Success is Not An Event. It's a Habit!

So I was watching Gossip Girl last night, and it was a special episode where everyone was freaking out about ACTs and SATs and getting accepted into school. All I could do was laugh. I remember being in the exact same position a few years ago and thinking that my 3.8 GPA and thousand extra curricular activities and AP classes would leave me flipping burgers at McDonald or reminding someone "That We Have $5 footlongs" this week when I am forty.

It's funny now that I look back on it. But when it was happening, it wasn't funny at all. My Mommy always told me that I worry too much. Turns out like every other time in history, (except in my clothes selection) she was right. But I am thankful for all of those times that I only got 3 hours of sleep before going to my 6:30am class and crying over B's.

Because it has made me the person who I am and it made me remember that success is not an event. It's a habit. So here's a little advice to all of my future college students. If you have made success a habit, don't let a standardized test or a class or a school's poor decision get you down. Success is not an event. It's a habit.

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