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Weekend Fun...

As this week comes to a close, I can’t help, but reminisce about last weekend and about all the wondering things I’m doing this weekend. Last weekend, my friend and I took a road trip to Wisconsin to see a couple concerts and our families. It was a ton of fun, and coming back to school was a bit depressing, but I at least still have the memories. The only way this road trip was possible was because I decided, as a first-year student, to have my car on campus. I brought my car to school after spring break and it has been a wonderful addition to my college life, but I really only use my car when I go out of town or when I have to run a quick errand. Otherwise, there is always the Metro Transit system that is great to use as well. For only $64 a semester, students are able to receive unlimited rides on any Metro Transit Bus or the light rail, simply by scanning their U-PASS. I believe that there is no need to have a car on campus as a first-year student, but it is just more convenient than having to wait for the bus or light rail. The majority of the time I use the 16 or 3 bus to get downtown to shop or have a night on the town because parking is ridiculously expensive. Parking on campus is done through a lottery. You can choose the lot or ramp that you want to keep your car, and names are drawn at random to hand out parking spots. If you don’t get a spot, than there are alternatives available, such as side street parking or monthly downtown ramps. It all depends on what your plans are as a first-year student, but I would definitely say there is no need for a car on campus, but it sure is nice to have.

Besides being a little down after coming back to school after a fantastic weekend, I am excited for what this weekend holds. Some of Middlebrook Hall’s 3rd floor, including myself is walking in Relay for Life held at the Recreation Center. It’s going to be a crazy 12 hours of fun and little sleep. For those who don’t know what Relay for Life is, it’s an event that people walk and stay up for 12 hours (6 PM-6 AM) to raise money for cancer research. I get to spend 12 hours with some of the greatest people ever, listening to music, talking to survivors and meeting new people. I think it will be a great time had by all people involved.

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