Moving On Up!

As summer comes to a close, I have learned the best way to relax is to take work off for the last week before school starts.

I moved home for the summer thinking I would have tons of time to catch up with friends, but with everyone working or living on campus during the summer, I've found it increasingly more difficult to stay connected. In the last week, I've had about 25 coffee dates with friends back at home. I don't know if I can handle anymore coffee!

Most people won't admit it, but I'm so excited to move back to campus. After a summer of everyone being busy, I'll get to be busy with my friends! I'm moving into an apartment in Dinkytown this year, so it's going to be a whole other experience after dorm life. I'll actually have to cook! Keeping up with my studies should be a little easier because I have my own room and can concentrate without distractions. I made honors this year, so my grades are my priority.

I'm the membership officer for the University of Minnesota Women's Lacrosse Club, so I've had so much fun getting to know incoming freshmen. I'm hoping I can run into a few of them at Thursday's College Day for Welcome Week! Everyone seems so eager to get going on classes, which is refreshing because I think I'm one of the few sophomores excited to start my homework. Since I've just declared my strategic communications major, I'm starting in on some of my major classes this fall semester! I honestly cannot wait to start my first paper....I'm sure I'll eat my words within the next month.

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