Busy Much?

As the forth week of classes approaches, I can't help to think how much I have on my plate this semester. I knew it would be busy, but I never thought I'd be running around as much as I am.

The great thing about this semester though, is that it's opening up so many new doors of opportunity for me. I am having so much fun with everything I am doing this semester, most of the time, it doesn't even feel like work. I do wish I would have an afternoon off every once and awhile.

The reasons for why I am so busy are really great. I am working about 10-15 hours a week at the Assistant Dean's Office for the College of Liberal Arts, have a 16 credit class load, and an internship at Big Brothers Big Sisters two afternoons a week. I am also a Big Sister is a school-based program through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and I get to spend my Tuesday afternoons with my lovely Ambassadors. We also have events that we are privileged enough to do throughout the semester.

I am really excited about my internship this semester. I am interning for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities as their recruitment intern. The main part of my internship consists of recruiting Big Brothers and Big Sisters at the University of Minnesota. I do a ton of research about student groups and the different colleges and departments on campus. I am also involved with helping the Big Brothers Big Sisters Student Group on campus with recruiting and getting some of their ideas started. I am learning something new every day that I spend at my internship. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work for a non-profit organization, and getting this internship has been really great to see how things works.

I believe that I am loving my college career thus far because I have been able to get involved with numerous activities. Although I would like an afternoon off every once and a while, I wouldn't trade these opportunities for the world. I have had some great experiences, made some great networking contacts, and have made some great friends. I know it's been said before, but getting involved really does make the days go faster and the campus seem smaller!

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