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"I Got 18 Credits and A Club Aint One!" LOL

Junior year has arrived and I am swamped. This year I have decided to scale back on the unnecessary things to focus more on school. However, somehow a social life became an unnecessary thing.

Between being an MLK Mentor, a CLA Ambassador, a member of National Student Advisertising Competition and PRISM, doing community service, working 20 hour work weeks, and various other extra curricular activities I have been a tad bit tired. Sometimes it seems like life would be better if we were given 26 hours a day instead of 24. But then again, if i were given 26 hours a day, I'd probably just add on another commitment. The reality of the matter is that as leaders we often stretch ourselves thin because we have a fear of disappointing people. Well, that's not fair to others or ourselves.

So I decided that everyday I would devote 2 hours to myself. In that two hours I relax. I watch a little CNN, put my feet up, turn my phone off, and take a cat nap. I learned this week that with a little time management I can get a lot of things done if I write everything down and schedule accordingly. Us leaders must remember to take care of ourselves. If we don't who will? Lyricist Jay-Z once said "Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week." I believe that he is absolutely right but it is pretty hard to do the impossible when you are sleep deprived. LOL

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