Cuernavaca, Mexico: Where Roads Become Rivers and I Manage to Stay Afloat.

There is currently a torrential downpour (only a slight exaggeration) happening outside, so, in an effort to stay dry, I decided to take a pit stop in Wilson Library until the rain lets up. Just a few minutes ago I was crossing the bridge with a fellow CLA Student Ambassador sharing her umbrella, and was reminded of a very similar experience I had this past summer when studying in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I participated in a three-week seminar through the Learning Abroad Center in which I spent May term studying Mexican Popular Culture from one of the U of M's greatest professors, Mark Pedelty. As I anticipated, the experience was incredible.

Though I came home very ill with what my grandma refers to as "Moctezuma's revenge," I nevertheless look back on the experience and smile in awe of everything we did. I learned so very much about Mexico, the U.S., and myself that I can't believe I was there for only three weeks! I would even go as far to say that I'd risk getting sick all over again if I could go back right now.

But, as the rain beats down on the roof above me, I am reminded of what I set out to write: how I was nearly carried away through the city of Cuernavaca when the streets turned into ravines.

First of all it is important to know that Cuernavaca is full of hills which provide for a natural drainage system because all the water runs to the lowest point, at least that's what my host mom told me. However, the rain falling on this particular night was more than gravity could handle.

So much rain was pouring from the skies that there was seemingly over a foot of water everywhere I turned. Now, it'd be one thing if the water was just standing still, slowly collecting into one massive puddle. But, remember the hills and the natural drainage system? Well, the water was rushing past my feet so fast in an effort to get to the bottom of the hill that I had difficulty standing up and very nearly took a swim through the streets. Within seconds I was drenched though I was using my umbrella. All of this happened before I could even attempt to hail a cab.

Hmmm....having said all of that, the current rainy conditions outside don't seem nearly as bad. Perhaps I can make it home without the need to put on my swimming suit.

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