I Am Definitely a Fan of Great Weeks!

Life has its ups and downs and college life has even more, but the past week has been great for me! Do you want to know why? Click below to find out!

This week has been awesome for several reasons;

1) There is always the fact that I wake up every day very blessed. I have been very fortunate to receive many things and opportunities, and no matter how stressed I get or bad I think things are, they could always be worse. Yay! So there's my daily reminder not to complain.

2) One of my passions on this campus is a student group called Voices Merging (VM), of which I am Vice President. It was founded here in 2002 and has grown bigger and bigger each year. I will dedicate a full blog to VM in the future but for now, know that every 2nd and 4th Monday from 8-10PM, we hosts open mics at Moos Tower (the dental school) on campus. Each one also has a theme. I want to say how much fun the last open mic was.

This week's theme was "Broke & Busted". Many people came to talk about the financial struggles of college. It is important to save up for those rainy days! We had people give financial tips and I also made an announcement (pictured below) about the Career & Community Learning Center, where I work, so that people in the College of Liberal Arts could come and get info on how to get jobs and internships. That way, even if they were broke and busted now, they would not have to be later.

Lots of firsts. This was also our first open mic where we had a featured visual artist in addition to all the performances. Ian Lopez, a local graf artist, came and created a masterpiece, right there during the open mic. We will continue to feature local artists and then hold an auction at the end of the year to raise money. Also, we held our first ever "Change for Change" penny drive. We raised over $130.00 for a local homeless shelter! People were giving change and cash like crazy, but if you think about it, helping out others really makes cents (sense, get it? LOL). Lastly, it was our first open mic where we had 28 performers on the sign-up list before 8:00. 28 people! By the end of the night the list had to be about 40. Before, getting people to perform on the mic was like pulling teeth, we had to beg people. Now, everybody wants to! Plus, our audience is getting bigger and bigger, at least 200 people have been showing up to each one. I love being a part of this group, and I love the opportunities we are getting.
bbopen mic.jpg

3) Thanks to GoldPASS, the U of MN's job search website, I had an interview on Tuesday with the Pepsi Bottling Group for their Human Resources Internship at Hanson Hall- the new building that houses the Carlson School of Management's Business Career Centers. Thanks to the Career & Community Learning Center, I had updated my resume to highlight my Human Resources experience and effectively prepared for the interview. It went well. However, it is important to keep in mind that interviews go both ways. They are looking at you, but you should be looking at them too. Through the questions I asked at the end of the interview, I realized that the position was not a good fit for me, but just going to the interview was great practice for me.

4) Speaking of internships, on Thursday, I got the Human Resources internship that I REALLY wanted with Target Headquarters! I am so excited about it even though it does not start until summer, it feels good to already have that situated. Last summer, I interned at Travelers Insurance in St. Paul, MN, so I am enthusiastic about trying out a new company and new industry (insurance vs. retail). It will be an awesome experience and a much shorter bus ride from my on-campus apartment (Yes, in certain residential halls and apartments, you can stay during the summer too!).

5) The Ambassadors went to a CLA Alumni Reception on Thursday night for prospective students and it was fabulous. The hosts made great food and the students/parents were engaged and asked a lot of questions. It was an intimate setting and great environment to interact with faculty, the new CLA Dean James Parente, alumni, and staff from the Office of Admissions. It was my first event like that and I look forward to the next. Did I mention the food was spectacular- all hail pumpkin bunt cake!

6) On Friday night, the Minnesota Programs & Activities Council (MPAC) hosted an event called "Friday Night at the Terrace with Voices Merging" at the St. Paul Student Center. They do fun, FREE events every week and we were honored to be invited to perform there. The week before, one of my favorite local artists, Daniel Switch (he opened for Wyclef Jean last spring) did a concert there and there was free food from Village Wok, another local restaurant. On this Friday, there was also free bubble tea from the Tea Garden, a local campus restaurant. We all did performances and some people from the audience even performed too. In addition, there was a raffle for a $20 Itunes gift card and tickets to ValleyScare, a Halloween event at the local theme park called ValleyFair. The winner was elated. Overall it was a great time for all who attended.

7) This is getting way too long so I will quickly tell you the rest of the greatness: getting caught up on all my hw, FREE Galactic Bowling in Goldy's Gameroom and laser tag through the Gophers After Dark Program, eating at Qdoba on campus with an old friend, having breakfast at Louann's Diner, another great local spot for breakfast, seeing the movie Eagle Eye, getting my hair done, going to Hip-Hop Sunday at my church with my friend from campus, spending 2 hours grocery shopping with my mom for things to cook in my apartment, and baking cookies.

Woo woo for great weeks! Let's hope this one will be too. Until next time...Be EZ!

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