Studying - is it really as easy as 1,2,3 ?

October seems to be midterm-season. Yet I look at my syllabi, and November seems to be just as busy. The only lull is at the end of the month when you get midterms back. The only way to get through this is to establish a study routine – which I still haven’t gotten the hang of.

How do I get over my affinity for procrastination, when I sit at my desk and think only of checking out the Food Network and browsing on YouTube? It’s best just to get out of the house. If I take the effort of going somewhere to study, there is no sense in coming home with nothing done.

Step 1: The perfect study spot...

A few of my favorites…
1) THE WHOLE. At night, it’s the music club on campus, host to events from open mike to local bands to nationally touring groups. During the day, it’s almost empty, making the best place to get cracking on that essay due. No noise restrictions, it works well for casual group work. The chalkboard walls allow for a game of hangman during a break.

2) 2ND FLOOR LOBBY OF WALTER LOBBY. This is my go-to-spot for group study. Comfy chairs, wireless, coffee only 2 flights of stairs away – what more could I ask for?

3) MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC LIBRARY. Getting away from campus allows for a change of scenery, and when I bring all of study materials with me on the bus, I feel that I must be productive to justify the extra effort. Downtown also makes for prime study breaks – everything from lunch breaks at Panera to light-reading in the children’s books section.

And now the hard part... Yikes!
Step 2: Sitting down and getting through the material.

While I can get myself out of my room and to the library, I don’t find it as easy to finally crack open the textbooks. Rewards, however, do wonders. Nothing gets me to write that first draft essay faster than a promised study break in one hour with the added incentive of coffee or Jamba Juice.

As a matter of fact, now that these two steps are written down… perhaps a stop at the Coffman Marketplace for Panda Express before starting that French essay?

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