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Study Abroad... While Broke

I have five siblings, two nephews, no money, and Christmas is just around the corner, however I just got my passport and I am studying abroad winter break. I believe that studying abroad is something fundamental that every college student should experience. Unfortunately, not everyone has the finances to so, so I decided that this blog I'll talk about the great ways you can study abroad, despite insufficient cash flow.

I went to the Learning Abroad Center to get some information on studying a second language and getting a semester's worth of credit for it. I also told them that I was a little strapped for cash. They showed me three potential scholarships that are only offered to the University of Minnesota students.1 in 3 applicants gets the scholarships. I like those odds.

Financial Aid is also available through the Learning Abroad Center on the second floor of Heller Hall. They took my pictures for my passport and they only charged me $6, when the post office tried to charge me $15 and they were all around friendly. All of the workers in the center have studied abroad and were super informative about costs, cultural expectations and most importantly recreational activities. I was amazed at how cool everyone was and how affordable studying abroad can be.

However, I wanted to feel like I was doing more to help the global community. That is when I looked to the YMCA for more opportunities. The Y-Immersion program which I blogged about last year, is also an awesome affordable place where you can travel to different countries, for little money and make a big difference.

This winter break Y-Immersion is having a trip to study immigration justice in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. They are also having a trip to study environmental issues in Costa Rica. I met the trip leaders and they were cool people who you could tell cared about the issues that were being studied.

Another option was going to my local Rotary International Club. Rotary Clubs sponsor students across the WORLD to study and live in other countries to promote world peace. They give up to $25,000 a year to fund good will missions. However that application process hasn't started as of yet. With so many options it is really hard to decide where to go for winter break, however I'll let you know my decision by my next blog. The moral of the story is that you too can study abroad and interact as a global citizen.

Adios Amigos. Ciao a Tutti!

P.S. My biggest problem is determining what country to travel to. I speak two languages. LOL

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