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Turkey day into work night

My Thanksgiving break started on Tuesday at 5:30 PM. I rushed out of our Ambassador’s meeting, not because I don’t absolutely love each and every one of my colleagues, but because I was extremely excited to go home.

I have not been home since July 4th, this past summer, and I was ready for a break. This semester has been tough, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. However loud and crazy my family is, I was ready to come home and see them and catch up in person, not in e-mail and over the phone like we have been communicating for the past four months.

Thanksgiving Day was eventful as every other family get-together is and always will be. I first drove with my mother to Baraboo, Wisconsin for lunch with my father’s parents, sister, and cousins. It was a smaller meal than most, but I cherish the time I get to spend with my family now because I know those times will be few and far between since I will be gone for five months starting in January. We then made our way to Madison, Wisconsin to finish off the night with more food, friends, family and of course, football.

Everyone started to leave my mother’s parents house around 7:30 PM or so, and it finally hit me that I have a ton of things to get done on my so-called ‘break’. I have a presentation to write, a scholarship to write, an application to finish, about 100 pages of reading to complete, and some blogging to get done. I have started with the blogging, obviously the most fun. So essentially, my ‘break’ has turned into work; my Thanksgiving Day into a work night.
I am thankful, though. I am thankful for my amazing CLA Ambassador family, a wonderful college and university, time with friends and family, and for food on the table for all to enjoy.

But, I am most thankful for opportunities that create the work for me. I am thankful for work because without it, I would have eaten too much Thanksgiving food today.

Happy Thanksgiving and thankfully yours,


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